Midway Woods 2020 Real Estate Sales

Midway Woods had another banner year. In 2020, 46 homes were sold for a median price of $330,250. The highest priced home in Midway Woods in 2020 sold for $700,000, in just 13 days. In fact, the median number of days it took to sale in home in Midway Woods was a mere 18 days. The lowest priced home sold for $180,000 after 30 days and was the only home sold in Midway Woods in 2020 for less than $200,000.

Looking at the numbers above, I compared those with 2019 and, at first glance, it would appear that it was down year from 2019. However, I suspect that because the market was so strong, many homes that haven’t been renovated were put on the market. For this reason, 20202 had a less than 1% median price increase. The median price of a home sold in 2019 in Midway Woods was $325,000, based on homes sold through the Georgia Multiple Listing Service (Georgia MLS)*. The media days on the market in 2020 decreased by 1 day to 13 days versus 14 days in 2019. This is still at historically low “Days on Market.” In a typical market, you have an inventory of 3 months, so this is far from a unhealthy market. The highest priced home was $790,000 in 2019 vs. $700,000 in 2020. The lowest priced home sold for $195,000 and the only home selling for less than $200,000.

Wish you had bought in Midway Woods sooner? Probably! In 2015 the median price of a home sold in Midway Woods was $210,000 and it took a median 28 days to sale that home. So yes, the market has indeed changed. The highest priced home sold for $599,000 and the lowest priced home sold for $92,000. In fact, 17 homes sold for less than $200,000 compared with just one in 2019 and 2020. There were a total of 37 homes sold in 2015.

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2020 Midway Woods Real Estate Sales

Sold PriceAddressBRBAFBAHSubdivisionDOMCity
$700,0001363 Oldfield540Midway Woods13Decatur
$665,0002671 Oldfield Acres Way540Midway Woods1Decatur
$645,0002495 Midway Rd421Midway Woods7Decatur
$629,0001302 Thomas Rd431Midway Woods81Decatur
$585,0001403 Oldfield Rd540Midway Woods39Decatur
$565,0001339 Fenway Cir440Midway Woods51Decatur
$545,0001214 Thomas Rd430Midway Woods76Decatur
$530,0001393 Catherine St421Midway Woods0Decatur
$528,8881525 Deerwood Drive430Midway Woods87Decatur
$524,9001402 Dorothy Dr431Midway Woods38Decatur
$515,0001354 Fenway Cir431Midway Woods75Decatur
$450,0001410 Deerwood Dr330Midway Woods3Decatur
$450,0001463 Deerwood Dr420Midway Woods1Decatur
$412,5001347 Dorothy Dr421Midway Woods55Decatur
$395,0002676 E McKinnon320Midway Woods/Winnona Park0Decatur
$385,0002618 Charlesgate Ave320Midway Woods24Decatur
$375,0001261 Thomas RD321Midway Woods1Decatur
$370,0001219 Thomas Rd320Midway Woods77Decatur
$366,5001471 Thomas Rd320Midway Woods3Decatur
$345,9001436 Thomas Rd420Midway Woods2Decatur
$341,0001320 Conway Rd420Midway Woods149Decatur
$340,0001468 Thomas Rd420Midway Woods21Decatur
$334,9002577 Creekwood Ter320Midway Woods48Decatur
$325,6001354 Rupert Rd320Midway Woods2Decatur
$325,0001478 Conway Rd330Midway Woods1Decatur
$310,0001416 Catherine St210Midway Woods2Decatur
$307,0001318 Oldfield Rd420Midway Woods4Decatur
$300,0002624 Charlesgate210Midway Woods2Decatur
$299,0001349 Oldfield Rd320Midway Woods4Decatur
$291,1002837 Monticello Pl220Midway Woods35Decatur
$285,0001418 Rupert Rd320Midway Woods50Decatur
$285,0001292 Conway Rd320Midway Woods4Decatur
$275,0001244 Carter Rd310Midway Woods4Decatur
$260,1801162 Conway Rd310Midway Woods5Decatur
$255,0002607 Charlesgate Ave210Midway Woods19Decatur
$250,0001357 Deerwood Drive320Midway Woods29Decatur
$245,0001285 Conway Rd220Midway Woods20Decatur
$245,0002695 Midway Rd310Midway Woods53Decatur
$244,0001264 Oldfield Rd320Midway Woods13Decatur
$237,5001496 Woodfern Dr220Midway Woods2Decatur
$232,5001208 Thomas Rd210Midway Woods54Decatur
$230,0001202 Thomas310Midway Woods18Decatur
$225,0001256 Thomas Rd310Midway Woods26Decatur
$214,4002553 Creekwood Ter210Midway Woods93Decatur
$201,5001202 Thomas Rd310Midway Woods4Decatur
$180,0001441 Carter Rd430Midway Woods/Columbia Acres30Decatur

If you’re interested in selling your home please call Kevin Polite, Source Realty, Inc. 404-299-7100

www. HausZweiHomes.com

2019 Midway Woods Real Estate Sales

List PriceAddressSold PriceBRBAFBAHSubdivisionDOMCity
$790,0002606 Charlesgate Ave$785,000540Midway Woods15Decatur
$749,0001373 Conway Rd$725,500541Midway Woods2Decatur
$665,0002678 Oldfield Acres Way$665,000540Midway Woods0Decatur
$674,9002671 Oldfield Acres Way$662,000540Midway Woods4Decatur
$650,0001294 Thomas Rd$650,000430Midway Woods72Decatur
$655,0001303 Conway Rd$646,000540Midway Woods30Decatur
$589,9001391 Rupert Rd$586,500431Midway Woods10Decatur
$579,9001226 Conway Rd$569,000431Midway Woods97Decatur
$569,9001517 Deerwood Dr$560,000430Deerwood Park25Decatur
$569,9001374 Catherine St$555,000530Midway Woods17Decatur
$549,9001303 Oldfield$545,000440Midway Woods81Decatur
$548,9991392 Rupert$545,000430midway woods108Decatur
$524,9001221 Oldfield Rd$512,900420Midway Woods Winnona Park19Decatur
$515,0002628 Charlesgate Ave$505,000431Midway Woods118Decatur
$475,0001477 Deerwood Dr$470,000430Midway Woods5Decatur
$450,0001430 Conway Rd$450,000430Midway Woods10Decatur
$449,0002570 Creekwood Ter$449,000420Midway Woods2Decatur
$419,9001007 N Carter Rd$418,500320Midway Woods30Decatur
$399,0001220 Thomas Rd$395,000330Midway Woods14Decatur
$374,9001430 Thomas$367,000321Midway woods70Decatur
$375,0002877 Midway Rd$365,000430Midway Woods87Decatur
$350,0001221 Oldfield Rd$339,950420Midway Woods3Decatur
$339,0001544 Deerwood Dr$333,000320Midway Woods13Decatur
$325,0001392 Deerwood Dr$317,500220Midway Woods39Decatur
$315,0002837 Midway Rd$315,000220Midway Woods26Decatur
$319,9001238 Carter Rd$314,900320Forrest Hills Midway Woods4Decatur
$305,0001383 Fenway Cir$305,000320Midway Woods5Decatur
$299,9001170 N Thomas Rd E$299,000210Midway Woods4Decatur
$279,9001470 Catherine St$291,500210Midway Woods20Decatur
$325,0001347 Dorothy Dr$280,000320Midway Woods4Decatur
$279,9001464 Oldfield$279,900210Midway Woods4Decatur
$275,0001389 Catherine St$270,000320Midway Woods38Decatur
$269,0001319 Deerwood Dr$269,000430Midway Woods4Decatur
$266,0002601 Midway Rd$266,000320Midway Woods4Decatur
$260,0002877 Monticello Pl$260,000310Midway Woods4Decatur
$274,9001339 Fenway Cir$255,000210Midway Woods24Decatur
$269,9002848 Midway Rd$255,000310Midway Woods7Decatur
$250,0001385 Catherine$250,000210Midway Woods4Decatur
$249,9001520 Deerwood Dr$245,000420Dearborn Park42Decatur
$239,9001279 Conway Rd$239,900210Midway Woods153Decatur
$225,0001514 Woodfern Dr$239,000220Midway Woods4Decatur
$225,0001435 Thomas Rd$225,000320Midway Woods3Decatur
$224,9001341 Dorothy Dr$224,000210Midway Woods19Decatur
$240,0001308 Deerwood Dr$222,000210Midway Woods20Decatur
$215,0002837 Midway Rd$219,000240Midway Woods6Decatur
$230,0001430 Thomas$215,000320Midway Woods4Decatur
$195,0001454 Oldfield Rd$195,000210Midway Woods32Decatur

If you’re interested in selling your home please call Kevin Polite, Source Realty, Inc. 404-299-7100

www. HausZweiHomes.com

2015 Midway Woods Real Estate Sales

Sold PriceAddressBRBAFBAHSubdivisionDOMCity
$160,0001327 Carter Rd310Columbia Acres10Decatur
$159,9751297 Conway Rd210Conway Hills1Decatur
$129,0001524 Deerwood Dr411Dearborn Park292Decatur
$170,0001328 Deerwood Dr310Dearborn Park3Decatur
$92,9001428 Rupert Rd210Dogwood Manor22Decatur
$270,0001248 Conway Rd320Forest Hills19Decatur
$140,0501267 Carter Rd310Forrest Hills35Decatur
$237,0001213 Walker Dr420Forrest Hills54Decatur
$208,0001446 Conway Rd320Midway Woods16Decatur
$555,0001367 Conway Rd430Midway Woods28Decatur
$131,0001405 Dorothy Dr210Midway Woods2Decatur
$207,0002877 Monticello Pl310Midway Woods7Decatur
$440,0002607 Midway Rd430Midway Woods30Decatur
$325,0001498 Deerwood Dr420Midway Woods13Decatur
$133,5501375 Rupert Rd210Midway Woods82Decatur
$410,0001310 Carter Rd430Midway Woods4Decatur
$190,0002840 Monticello Pl310Midway Woods19Decatur
$233,0001363 Fenway Cir320Midway Woods83Decatur
$275,0001430 Catherine St220Midway Woods77Decatur
$214,9001277 Fenway Cir420Midway Woods13Decatur
$219,9001360 Rupert Rd310Midway Woods49Decatur
$199,0002920 Midway Rd320Midway Woods23Decatur
$345,0001480 Deerwood Dr320Midway Woods80Decatur
$215,0002624 Charlesgate Ave210Midway Woods2Decatur
$218,0001221 Carter Rd320Midway Woods14Decatur
$175,0001454 Catherine St210Midway Woods12Decatur
$224,9002886 Midway Rd320Midway Woods40Decatur
$120,0001436 Thomas Rd420Midway Woods40Decatur
$179,9002866 Midway Rd310Midway Woods48Decatur
$160,0002848 Midway Rd310Midway Woods151Decatur
$304,0001346 Deerwood Dr320Midway Woods42Decatur
$485,0001403 Oldfield Rd540Midway Woods7Decatur
$611,0001391 Conway Rd540Midway Woods28Decatur
$120,0002489 Midway Rd310None111Decatur
$120,0001448 Oldfield Rd210None89Decatur
$530,0002678 Oldfield Acres Way540Oldfield Decatur Midway Woods21Decatur
$145,0002900 Midway Rd310Sam L Holcombe78Decatur

If you’re interested in selling your home please call Kevin Polite, Source Realty, Inc. 404-299-7100

www. HausZweiHomes.com

*All data was imported from the Georgia Multiple Listing Service on April 4, 2021 by using homes located in Midway Woods with Columbia Drive to the North, homes located in unincorporated DeKalb with Kirk Rd on the West, Candler South and Memorial Drive to the East and only those areas general recognized as part of Midway Woods. Each year of listings are based on those recorded in Georgia MLS as being sold between January 1 and December 31 of the years shown above.


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