Gravel > “our moral imperative.”


(ideas.)  Dear City Hall, Dear MARTA. Dear decision makers, dear agency staffers, dear community organizers, dear ordinary citizens who may not have been around when we got started in 2001. Dear young people who were children at that time. Dear anyone who cares about this city’s future – the Atlanta Beltline needs your help.

I’m asking on behalf of the project itself – the vision we shaped, not the various agencies charged with building it. I’m asking you to consider how far we’ve come, how far we have yet to go, the urgency of this promise, and your role in helping deliver it. Your participation in this story is essential because it will be you that writes the next chapter.


The origin story of the Atlanta Beltline is well known – a grassroots movement of people and ideas fueled an audacious vision for land we didn’t own…

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