first impression – $65 foyer closet door revival

Love this. It’s a very cool idea, yet inexpensive way to dress up a closet door. Looks very modern. Buying this from Home Depot or a lumberyard company would cost quite a bit more.

Cech House Revival

The ugliest thing inside our 4 level split (were) the foyer closet doors, as you can see…

Weird-ugly-dirty-stupid doors is what I called them. But- they weren’t technically broken so I had to get crafty. I decided to play around with the power saw I got for my birthday this year 🎉💪🏼💁🏻

We purchased 8′ Cedar Wood planks that thin enough that I could cover them over the existing closet doors to save on $$$.

Another money savor was going with wood glue (and patience) since S O M E O N E wouldn’t let me buy a brad nailer and air compressor 😶

Bought a quart of a nice smokey gray paint to add some richness & hardware from the newly open IKEA 🙌🏼


After all was said and done- the project was around $65-

  • Paint $10
  • Cedar Paneling $18/ pack (2)
  • Hardware $18 for both pieces

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