Designer Secrets: Pros Share Their Favorite Light Gray Paints

These versatile neutrals can help create a range of moods in any room

Gray is the New White in home decor

Nothing says ‘cool’ quite like the perfect gray. Whether you prefer a barely-there almost-white or a deep charcoal, there’s a shade of gray here for you. Below you will see many examples of grey HausZwei Homes has used over the years in many of their projects. Gray is such a versatile color and will match many more colors than imagined.

There are many positive attributes to gray, it is so neutral that it can work alongside soft tints and bold accent colors.  Gray is also very versatile is that it is neither a primary color, nor a simple combination of black and white.  This makes gray tones very practical choices for designers.

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Kevin Polite

Solid Source Realty, Inc.Exclusive Agent for HausZwei Homes




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