Druid Hills redefines itself – for the better?

J. Marcus Patton

Sometimes the motives that drive us are those that we hide from ourselves. Sometimes we know exactly what we are doing and why.

The community in which I grew up, that nurtured my earliest concepts of how the world works, is in a highly orchestrated, deeply politicized, and heavily lawyered state of rebellion. It’s how polite people with time and money take care of business.

Some neighborhood activists in the Druid Hills area, located in the northeast Atlanta suburbs in unincorporated DeKalb County, want to be annexed into the city of Atlanta. This movement comes in the wake of a period in recent years that saw scandals and criminal prosecutions of members of both the DeKalb County government and the DeKalb school system. It also follows the defeat of an initiative to create a “charter cluster” of the schools that feed into Druid Hills High School. That proposal was voted…

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