Midway Woods Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes 2.5.14

Posted on February 8, 2014 by mollie bock

Hello All! Thanks to those that came to the meeting this week. We know everyone in the neighborhood leads busy lives and it’s not always possible for you to make a meeting. So for those that couldn’t attend, here’s what you missed.

Unfortunately, Adrianna Berlin has stepped down as acting president of the Neighborhood Association. She can now be reached at Adriannaberlin@gmail.com. Thanks for all your hard work this year Adrianna!

In wake of her leaving, the remaining executive board members will oversee the board for the short remainder of this years session until elections occur in May. If you’ve ever thought about volunteering to help out in the Woods, now would be a great time!

In neighborhood beautification/park news, the January fire at the abandoned Hooper Alexander school was discussed, and a motion was made for us to petition for it to be demoed to help move the process along. Joey volunteered (thanks Joey) to find out who to send this petition to and in the process found that demolition has been scheduled.

Rick Baggentoss has some great ideas for the park but needs some neighborhood support, so the March meeting will be held in the park (date to come soon), all are encouraged to attend–especially if they would like to have input in the master plan. He also will be discussing info for the next neighborhood clean-up day. Coffee and donuts will be provided!

Safety is always a concern and Maggie Paynich (paynich@gmail.com) is heading up the neighborhoods efforts. She has been in talks with Dekalb Police on how to organize our watch. This month she is having a get together with all interested watch captains. That info will be posted soon if you’d like to get involved. She promises it won’t be too hard, so don’t be intimidated! She’ll be sharing an update with us at the March meeting.

Another issue still near and dear to the hearts of people in the Woods: the newsletter! We hear that this is something the neighborhood wants, however the cost has been standing in our way as well as the amount of volunteers willing to deliver to the residents of the neighborhood. Please shoot an email to secretary@midwaywoodsneighborhood.com if you’d like to volunteer to deliver the newsletters, or if you have a great way to make physical copies cheaply.

Also, at the next meeting we’ll discuss the neighborhood garage sale which will be here before you know it, so start dusting off all those treasures in the attic.

Look forward to seeing everyone in March!


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